We Are With You South Texas!

To all of those in our WEAT family and our neighbors in south and southeast Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey, we support you in all you are going through. We applaud your resiliency in the face of uncertainty. We offer assistance and a helping hand in ways fitting the industry’s service ethic. And lastly, we stand with you and all crews from the WEAT and WEF network that work to bring plants back online, monitor flood water quality, provide real-time reports on water quality, and protect human and environmental health.

WEAT is committed to meaningful and tangible support by equipping crews volunteering in the relief effort. To this end, we are working to arrange crew staging areas where we will provide industry folks with necessary gear to do what they are trained to do; protect public health and the environment in both the anticipated and unforeseen scenarios. You can assist and directly and positively impact WEAT members in the southeast and those helping our neighbors by making a monetary donation at the link below. All donations go directly to the relief effort in the form of gear purchased including but not limited to headlamps, hardhats, bug spray, walkit-talkies, tents, tarps, etc.

Click here for more information on ways to help within WEAT’s network, donate resources, or request for assistance. You can also donate cash to WEAT's Harvey Relief Fund by clicking the button below. We will distribute the funds to registered 501(c)(3) groups that are directly providing aid to utilities and crews assisting utilities.



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