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Professional WEF + WEAT $190.00
Academic WEF + WEAT $190.00
PWO WEF + WEAT $125.00
Young Professional WEF + WEAT $99.00
Student WEF + WEAT $55.00
Retired WEF + WEAT $35.00
Corporate WEF + WEAT $418.00
Executive WEF + WEAT $418.00
Utility WEF/WEAT based on size
Texas WEAT only $50.00

WEAT has committees in need of interested and qualified volunteers.

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WEF and its Member Associations (MA's) provide exciting and informative products, services and activities for their members around the world. These include high quality technical journals and manuals, technical conferences, operator training programs, local and regional legislative and regulatory activities, educational programs, affiliations with other professional organizations, and much, much more!

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